The enchanting towns of Montepulciano, Viterbo and Orvieto

The enchanting towns of Montepulciano, Viterbo and Orvieto


Montepulciano, a little village in Tuscan countryside, in the heart of the heritage sight of the worldwide know nof Val d’ Orcia, it is famous for wine production and every year numerous people taste the Noble wine in characteristic vineyards, without forget this medieval and Renaissance hill town.

Viterbo, enchants for its medieval charm. The city is easy to get lost in the narrow streets, cobbled streets and decorations in the tuff. Do not miss the Cathedral of San Lorenzo and the church of Santa Rosa, Palazzo dei Priori, the Gothic Papal Palace, which stands for the loggia decorated with seven arches, the district of San Pellegrino, where one feels the most authentic medieval atmosphere.
Orvieto, Very impressive it has been called “the city high and strange.”
It is easy to see why especially at night, it seems suspended in the sky while during the day, it is just resting on clouds. Small chest of art, is famous in the world for the Duomo, marvel of Gothic architecture and the well of St. Patrick, a masterpiece of hydraulic engineering. Small, tidy, friendly, Orvieto is a place do not missed during a transit in Umbria for its ancient underground
city and excellent gastronomy.
Included: Private vehicle, English speaking driver, tools, parking, luggage handling, water on board, two hours to visit a town chosen by you.
Not Included: everything not written under “Included”.
On request:

Add € 30,00 per person for a special lunch (3 courses and water included).
Add € 120,00 (total price for the party) to visit: Siena, Assisi or Perugia.
Price per person, expressed in € from 4 to 8 people
€ 165,00 4 pax € 130,00 5 pax € 110,00 6 pax € 100,00 7 pax € 85,00 8 pax


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